Applicants who have overcome life’s challenges are especially encouraged to apply.
Post Secondary Education
Scholarship Opportunities

The La Crescent Community Foundation Offers two different and unique scholarships.

One scholarship will be awarded to a prospective four-year college or university student and another will be awarded to a prospective two-year school student.
The successful applicants may not necessarily have a high GPA nor be involved in extracurricular school activities but will demonstrate a commitment to authentic contributions to one’s community.

Applicants who have overcome life’s challenges are especially encouraged to apply.


Who Can Apply

Note: Our Next scholarship will be announced in early 2024

Spring 2024 or mid-year 2023-2024 graduates of La Crescent/Hokah High School   or La Crescent/Hokah District residents who are home schooled or those who attend another High School.


How to Apply

The scholarship for the four-year school is $5,000.
The scholarship for the two-year school is $3,500.
To apply for either of these scholarships you must indicate which one you are applying for and submit the following: 

2024 Application Information

A Cover Letter/Essay

Please describe your life experiences including any obstacles that you have overcome to achieve your goals
• How have your experiences influenced your plans for the future?
• Everyone has their own definition of ‘success.’ Explain what that term means to you.
• Describe any volunteer activities that have been especially meaningful to you. What impact have they had on the community?
• What is one way in which you hope to make a difference in your family, school, and/or community?
• Please describe any special circumstances that we should consider, including employment while going to school and whatever you think is significant.

Two Letters of Recommendation

• Letters to be from non-related teachers, employers or other adults that know you from a nonsocial relationship.
• Letters should give evidence of your character, motivation, attitude and integrity. • Letters may be included with your application or the writers may send them directly to us.