Supporting our Community

The purpose of the La Crescent Community Foundation, Inc. is to support charitable, recreational, scientific, literary, cultural, or educational purposes within the La Crescent area. Grants will be used for local improvement projects including, but not limited to, city beautification, improvement of the park system and local recreational areas, and other projects in response to community needs.

The following list includes some of the projects and organizations funded through the La Crescent Community Foundation.
Purchase of Hickory Hill land for future development of Old Hickory Park
Funding for city skate park
Funding for Healthy Community Partnership
Youth Baseball - Dakota
Eagle Scout project to build Gazebo in VetschPark
La Crescent FIRST Robotics Team 2977, Sir Lancer Bots
La Crescent Historical Society - Heritage House signage
La Crescent Summer Recreation Scholarships
Scholarship awards
Community Pool development efforts
La Crescent High School Choir
Economic Development Committee
La Crescent Neighbors Day
La Crescent Area Event Center
La Crescent Cub Scouts - Pinewood Derby Track
La Crescent Public Library


Who can Apply?

Preference for the general fund will go to grant applications that fall in the following areas:

  • Projects that meet the purpose of our foundation, as listed above
  • Grants given primarily to schools, local government agencies, service organizations or entities formed to carry out a single charitable purpose
  • Programs that contribute in a significant way to the overall welfare of the people of the greater La Crescent area
  • Programs that meet a new or perceived need supported by a broad segment of the community
  • Grants are given in anticipation of an event, not after the fact

Grant Applications

How to Apply

We're fortunate to have many organizations in La Crescent who work together to improve our community. Each year, the La Crescent Community Foundation awards financial grants to a variety of organizations to support their work. Applicants that meet the requirements of the General Grants Policy, below, will be considered for funding as funds are available

To apply for a La Crescent Community Foundation grant, please print and mail or email your application to:
Grant Committee
La Crescent Community Foundation
PO Box 170
La Crescent, MN 55947
Or Email to

Grant Application Form
Review the Grant Fund Policy